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Selecting The Best For Baby And Mum

Beautiful changing bags and accessories for gorgeous mums.

Excursions with children of any age can turn into an expedition, even if it is just a stroll to the shops or a walk to the park. Mums have to think ahead for every eventuality, and carrying a changing bag or a baby bag simply goes with the territory. VANCHI changing bags have wipe-clean interiors with multi-functional pockets for storage to accommodate both your and your baby’s needs in style. VANCHI is committed to making designer nappy bags that scream fashion not nappies while catering for baby's needs.

We offer a number of styles and designs all crafted for both convenience and fashion. Seasonal colours, genuine leather and man-made leather outers, functional layout, waterproof lining, easy access openings and quick fit shoulder/pram straps. Current designer trends direct our designs, while practicality determines the layout, resulting in a seamless fusion of fashion and function - catering for both mothers and babies.

Our current collection features a number of designs, catering for personal style and requirements including:

  • The Doctor Nappy Bag
  • The Sydney Satchel
  • The London Hipster
  • The Ziggy Tote
  • The Victoria Shopper
  • The Zeppelin Carrier
  • The Morrison Sling
  • The Soho Boxy Baby Bag
  • The Sienna Travel Tote
  • The Fleetwood Carryall
  • The Indie Holdall
  • Matching wallets for mum
  • The Change Pod
  • The Change'n'Away
  • Super-sized pure Muslin baby wraps
  • Super-sized Cotton Knit baby wraps

Each changing bag design is available in a number of colourways. Each style is unique, featuring individual elements that add to both fashionable appeal and practical application. Elements might include zippered or buckled pockets, stitching detail, and etching, brass silver and gunmetal hardware. Inside each bag you will find elasticized and zippered pockets, key clip, detachable pouches and waterproof lining. VANCHI makes heading out with your little one an easy and stylish venture. With your designer changing bag catering for both you and baby - you can leave your handbag at home.

Vanchi changing bags are a must have for any mother and accommodate for your child changing needs. Even as your child is growing, you will need accessories for your excursions. Changing bags no longer need to be a fashion fail. Our stylish range of changing bags and accessories were made for you and your child. You deserve a VANCHI.