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The WetPod Twin Pack

Need a stylish system for carrying wet or bulky items? VANCHI is pleased to introduce the WetPod!

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  • Double the convenience -  Each twin pack contains 1 x Cotton Outer & 1 x Nylon Outer
  • Coordinated matching material to complement the VANCHI accessory pack and Change’n’Away
  • Waterproof lining for easy care
  • Full zip closure for easy access and convenience
  • Handy hang loop
  • Fits up to 4 Modern Cloth Nappies

Available Colourways

Sized to fit - Charm Rating

  1. Purpose designed parenting accessory - see product description for more detail
  2. Small enough to use as an everyday handbag but large enough to fit all the essentials for your baby
  3. A mid sized carry bag, may still be used as a handbag with ample room for childcare items
  4. A mid to large sized bag, although still manageable as a carry bag, works well with a pram or stroller. Suitable for newborns, multiples and those parents who like a larger bag
  5. A large bag, we recommend this bag for newborns and parents of multiples or parents who like to pack for all occasions. Works well with a Pram or Stroller